Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tribal Style and Other Trends

As you may have noticed from the Fancy Feet post, the tribal theme is haute in the fashion hierarchy this summer. Now that your feet have been well dressed, let's move on to the main attraction. I'm talking about the sundress, summer's perfect staple and also a huge trend (Paris Hilton's new word is "HUGE".) It matters not your body shape when wearing a sundress because of their forgiving lines and the are perfect for almost any occasion (with the exception of formal events, of course.) Let's look at a few of this season's choice picks:

Guess: Yuki dress
Gap: Pintuck A line dress

Guess: Padma dress

Old Navy: Linen Tie Front Dress

Guess: Nyla Maxi dress

Gap: Pom Pom dress
Unique-Vintage: Va Va by Voom dress
Tomorrow, we accessorize!


  1. Question- I love the look of the maxi dresses but can't wear heels (I have MS and have balance issues)..I'm not short- 5'6- can I get away with a maxi dress and flats or just give up the dream?

    Give it to me straight, Kadi ;p

  2. Abso-friggen-lutely! I do it and look stylin'. Just make sure that the maxi doesn't cross over into the moo-moo category. :)

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  4. These dresses are cute but the Unique-Vintage: Va Va by Voom dress is so HAUTE! :)

  5. I know!! Va Va Voom makes some smokin' little pieces!