Monday, June 22, 2009

Beauty And The Beach

Summer officially started yesterday and now is the time to follow a few basic guidelines for looking your best!
Top Ten Summer Glam Tips:

• Your best feature is always attitude. Smile, be positive and feel confident in your beauty!

• Choose clothing that accentuates YOUR best assets, not magnifies the worst.

• Acrylic nails are not haute. Short, manicured nails are much prettier.

• Spend less on trends and more on basic fashion staples.

• Either go w/out toe nail polish or keep the polish fresh.

• When it comes to eyebrows, keep it moderate. Not too bushy, but not pencil thin. And stay away from the Sharpie marker!

• NEVER use skin care products that contain mineral oil.

• GRADUALLY build your faux summer tan to avoid the Miami Vice look

• Exfoliate BEFORE applying sunless tanner.

• Pick your best facial feature to emphasize. Those who emphasize every feature end up looking like Tammy Faye.

Monday, June 15, 2009

GNO w/ Maybelline

My high school girlfiends and I went out Saturday night to celebrate two of their birthdays. What better time to complete my first task as the CA Glambassador for Glamour Magazine?? Here we are at Target, in the Maybelline aisle:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Glam GNO with Target & Maybelline

I got my official Glambassador package in the mail yesterday and looked like such a dork, jumping around like a giddy Child on Christmas. I couldn't help it though. How exciting is it to be named an ambassador for Glamour Magazine? It is what I call "pee pants" exciting. Glamour is the very first fashion magazine I regularly read. The publication turns 70 this year and I am so proud to be working with them!
My first assignment is to give a $5 Target gift card to five friends of my choosing. Since I'm going out with my long time friends tonight, they will each get a gift card. Then, we have to go to Target, pick out a Maybelline product and buy it with the card. I'm going to get it all on my FlipCam and put it up here. Then, we are all going out for two of my friends' birthdays. It should be a lot of fun and I can't wait to go make up shopping with my childhood friends!
If you had a gift card, what one cosmetic item would you buy?

Live Glamorously~ Kadi

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Forcing Glam

You're a mom. Showers are lightning fast. Going pee in private is out of the question. Shaving is a rare occasion and putting on makeup is saved for special occasions. Does this sound like you? It sure sounds like me. That is why I force myself to get dolled up once in awhile. I need to remind myself that there is still a piece of me that is capable of looking glam. Sure, the stretch marks will always be there, my skin shows signs of stress and aging and I'm nothing like my pre baby self.

Getting glam is important because it proves to myself that I am more than just a taxi cab/toilet scrubber/lunch maker. I have lost myself in motherhood on many occasions. I become grouchy, tired looking and a tad melancholy. I start to begrudge the daily grind of cleaning messes and feeding mouths. Forcing the glam is like breaking out of the binds. Even if I'm only going grocery shopping, I still dress cute, do my hair and slap on some gloss. It makes me feel good and chase away the just a mommy blues.

Don't get me wrong, I know that my job is the most important one in the world. I am lucky to get to raise my own kids and be their primary love giver. That is why it is crucial to satiate my inner diva as well. It creates a balance and balance is the key ingredient to living happy. You can see happiness on a woman's face and it is simply gorgeous.

Nurture your inner diva. Force it if need be. You will thank me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haute Bijoux

As promised, today we are featuring some unique finds to put the icing on your cake. I'm talking about accessories and more specifically...JEWELRY. A woman can never have enough, in my opinion. I'm not referring to fancy gems either. Summer is a great time to stash your pearls and bring out the fashion pieces. Since tribal fashion has been the main theme of my last two posts, I'm going to carry it into this post as well. Here are some treasures that made me drool:

Saltwater Cowgirl's "Faith" Necklace

Made of black bamboo coral beads and turquiose, this playful piece would look fabulous with the strapless knotted dress in the previous post!

Astali's Peacock Earrings:

Made of real peacock feathers and black swarovski crystals. Pair them with any outfit for a touch of elegant whimsy!

Maric Turquoise and Copper Bracelet:

A simple piece of wearable art made in France! Check out Maric's Etsy shop for more tres chic designs!

Do you have a fabulous find that you would like featured in a post? Just email me!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tribal Style and Other Trends

As you may have noticed from the Fancy Feet post, the tribal theme is haute in the fashion hierarchy this summer. Now that your feet have been well dressed, let's move on to the main attraction. I'm talking about the sundress, summer's perfect staple and also a huge trend (Paris Hilton's new word is "HUGE".) It matters not your body shape when wearing a sundress because of their forgiving lines and the are perfect for almost any occasion (with the exception of formal events, of course.) Let's look at a few of this season's choice picks:

Guess: Yuki dress
Gap: Pintuck A line dress

Guess: Padma dress

Old Navy: Linen Tie Front Dress

Guess: Nyla Maxi dress

Gap: Pom Pom dress
Unique-Vintage: Va Va by Voom dress
Tomorrow, we accessorize!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fancy Feet

The sun is out, butterflies are hatching out of cocoons and the beaches are filling up with sun seekers. BUT, the thing that I love most about summer is the sandal shopping! This year, fashion leans toward tribal style and wedges or flats. Here are a few of my faves under $70 that I found at my most frequented online shoe shops, Old Navy, Piperlime and Nordstrom.

Unlisted: Nothin But Net $45.00 (found at Piperlime)

Chinese Laundry: Resume $59.99 (Piperlime) Jessica Simpson: Galias $68.95 (Nordstrom)

Pierre Dumas: Viviana $40.00 (Piperlime)

Restricted: Sioux $50.00 (Piperlime)

Mia: Suri $69.99 (Piperlime)

Jewel Stone T-strap $19.50 (Old NAVY) Looking for a pair indulgent sandals and willing to spend a little more? Try these Juicy Couture Kipper Wedges at Nordstrom. They are sure to bring out your inner vixen!

Pair any of these beauties with a sundress for a mom's night out or keep them casual with a flounce top and denim mini skirt. The versatility of sandals gives us endless possibilities. Now get out there and SHOP!
Live Glamorously~ Kadi