Monday, June 22, 2009

Beauty And The Beach

Summer officially started yesterday and now is the time to follow a few basic guidelines for looking your best!
Top Ten Summer Glam Tips:

• Your best feature is always attitude. Smile, be positive and feel confident in your beauty!

• Choose clothing that accentuates YOUR best assets, not magnifies the worst.

• Acrylic nails are not haute. Short, manicured nails are much prettier.

• Spend less on trends and more on basic fashion staples.

• Either go w/out toe nail polish or keep the polish fresh.

• When it comes to eyebrows, keep it moderate. Not too bushy, but not pencil thin. And stay away from the Sharpie marker!

• NEVER use skin care products that contain mineral oil.

• GRADUALLY build your faux summer tan to avoid the Miami Vice look

• Exfoliate BEFORE applying sunless tanner.

• Pick your best facial feature to emphasize. Those who emphasize every feature end up looking like Tammy Faye.

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