Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Skin Deep

To continue my skin saving sermon, I'd like to touch upon the subject of skin care products.. Developing a skin care regimen is crucial. What you use, however, can be the most important factor in achieving better skin.

  • Go look at your skin care products. Does your moisturizer contain mineral oil? If so...toss it immediately!

  • Does your toner have alcohol in it? Alcohol dries out the skin and causes it to produce more oil. People with naturally oily skin can be doing themselves a great disservice by using alcohol based products to help control oil.

  • Are you over twenty? Now is the time to think anti-aging.

  • Over thirty? Time to start incorporating some peels and glycolic products.

  • There is such a thing as over exfoliating. While I highly recommend exfoliation on a weekly basis, doing too much can cause damage to the dermis. Ask your esthetician about your ideal frequency.

  • Masks are good to supplement. Find one that is specific to treating your issues.

  • Don't have an esthetician? GET ONE! Sometimes, you need to be able to call on an expert.

  • Research your products. Read reviews with the knowledge that everyone has different skin. If you look at the ingredients, they will help you decide which products are right for your skin type.

  • Steer clear of companies that claim outrageous results or keep in mind that it is an advertising ploy.

  • Considering getting a facial, skin treatment or rejuvenation technique? Only use a licensed and experienced esthetician who uses a specific line of quality skin care.

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For more skin care tips and product recommendations, visit http://www.glamour.com/

Live Glamorously~ Kadi

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