Friday, April 17, 2009

My Secret Recipe

I wasn't born glamorous and successful. Ok...maybe glamorous, but not successful. In life, successful people get that way because:
  1. They believe in themselves
  2. They have people who believe in them
  3. They get lucky
  4. They don't let fear keep them from relentlessly trying
  5. They model themselves after other successful people

I have been blessed to experience all of the above in my life. Yes, crappy things have happened along the way. Crappy things happen to everyone. I don't let it stop me from bettering myself and my life. In fact, I try to use all of my experiences to learn from and help others. I have also been blessed to know some amazing women who I strive to be like. Here are my top seven (since 7 is my lucky number) role models and why:

  1. Mary, mother of Jesus. Mary had to give her son up for the world and watch him suffer a slow, terrible death. She raised him just to give him up. She is the perfect example of good mother and a servant of God. Mary in one word: SACRIFICIAL.
  2. My mom. She has suffered so much loss in her life, but has a fighting spirit like I've never witnessed in any other person. NOTHING, it seems, can stop her from trying. I am so lucky to inherit that spirit from her. My mom in one word: STRONG.
  3. My mother in law. She raised thirteen kids and without any Prozac. That amazes me. I have only 7 and I need to be medicated in order to keep up my sanity. This woman loves being a mom and grandma. It is her utter joy to watch them all grow up. I want to be like that. My mother in law in one word: JOYFUL.
  4. My grandma. She lost her best friend and soul mate last year and I have watched her battle depression since then. She leans of God alone to restore her sense of peace and shelter her from the fear that so easily slips in. She is a woman of immense strength and faith. Grandma in one word: FAITHFUL.
  5. My business partner, Danielle. A visionary. A die hard. A fashionista. A true cowgirl. A real friend. Danielle in one word: GENUINE.
  6. Clarissa Nassar aka Poshpreneur. This lady never ceases to amaze me with her talents. She runs a business, runs a family and runs to church every Sunday. I'm gonna have to run a little faster if I ever want to catch up with her success! Clarissa in one word: DRIVEN.
  7. Trisha. MEO, Founder of MomDot, Momblogger Mentor. I seriously do not know if there is anything this woman cannot do. She inspires greatness in thousands of women and she does it FOR FREE. Who does that now days? She also tells it like it is...which I love. Trisha in one word: DYNAMIC.

These women represent everything that I aspire to be: Sacrificial, strong, joyful, faithful, genuine, driven and dynamic.


  1. that was so super nice!!!!!!!!!!!! i am very honored to have made a list the same as grandma did. THat touched me.


  2. Wow...that was fitting to my post at Momdot. :)
    It is great to have so many important people in our lives that help mold us and encourage us to grow in to who we are.

  3. That made my MONTH for sure! To be your friend and partner in this fun adventure is so awesome!

  4. That's an awesome post! I want to be like your mil too!

  5. This is a great post - I especially appreciate your nod to Mary, a woman who is most blessed.

    And I know you don't know me, but I was in the same graduating class as Janet and I've followed you since just before your whole Supernanny drama when my husband found you somehow. So, I used to follow your womb blog but lost all of that somewhere along the way when I moved from the east coast back the the west.

    ANYWAY. I'm SO happy I found your Glam SAHM blog. I'm adding it to my blog list on my site right now :O) 'Absolutely LOVED your Mitzi & Co pictures! I want some!