Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Am SAHM...Glam I Am!

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother." Lin Yutang
And the second greatest? To be glamorous! (You can quote me on that.)

Who am I?
I am Kadi, a SAHM to seven gorgeous little trouble makers! I just hit the big thirty mark last year and I was really dreading it. Being thirty has been totally different than I expected. I'm loving every second of it! I am a wiser mother, a more patient person and the sex is so much better! (Yes, I share way too much information. That's just me.) I have also been able to find my glamorous side again.

Who are we?
It is true. Motherhood requires us to give up a lot. Our former amounts of freedom, our personal space, our intact body and sound mind. However it gives us so much in return, that we hardly mind the loss of our old selves. Yes, I said hardly, simply due to the fact that no matter how precious our children are to us, there is always a little piece of our inner ids that still long to have shiny hair and a fabulous wardrobe, if only once in awhile. I'm here to tell you that not only is it possible, but it is also necessary for mothers to maintain some amount of glamour in their lives. While my children come first without exception, I have realized that in order to give my children a happy, fully functional mama, I must feed my own soul as well as theirs.

Why a Glambassador?
I decided to apply for the job of a *Glambassador for the purpose of spreading this knowledge to other moms out there. Who better to partner up with than one of the country's most loved publications, Glamour Magazine? When I got the letter that I had been selected to represent the moms of California at all Glamour events, I was thrilled! Not just because it will give me the chance to foster my glam side, but also that it will enable me to share insider tips from the pros on how to be a glamorous mommy with all of you. I'm so excited to get started!

Who's with me?
My friend, Clarissa, was also chosen to be a Glambassador (she is the epitome of a glamorous mama, if I do say so myself!) She will be covering all Glamour events in New York, so you will get the best of East and West coast Glamour info. We will be using our blogs to post video footage, event information and notes about our adventures as Glambassadors. Make sure that you check in with us for daily glam tips and special articles. Together, we will help you unveil the glam mommy within!

Live Glamorously~ Kadi

*Glambassador: A woman chosen to represent Glamour Magazine at fashion events and report back to the masses on what she learns and experiences.