Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gonna make my brow eyes blue!

I am saying this in the sweetest way possible... dark, bushy eyebrows are only acceptable if you are doing a Groucho Marx impersonation. That's it. Plain and simple. Originally, I was going to post on trending nail polish colors, but when I went to read Glamour's latest article on color, I saw this:

As an appointed Glambassador, it is my moral obligation to point out this major fashion no-no. I was so distracted by this poor girl's unsightly brows, that I could not even rememeber what color she was wearing! At second glance, I realized that her polish job was an inverted manicure. Then I noticed her beautiful blue eyes. What a shame that those baby blues who overshadowed by the bushy browns. Not pretty. I know that some would disagree with my stance, but it is my stance and this is my blog...and so it shall be.

As a general rule, eyebrows are meant to frame your face, not take over. Please ladies, let's keep them groomed and in proportion to our profiles. Other examples of brows that would benefit from a little pruning inlcude:

Beautiful women, beautiful brow shapes, but too much of anything is well...too much.

What do you think?

Live Glamorously~ Kadi

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